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When Weight Watchers approached the Sisterhood to take part in their Lose for Good campaign, we were thrilled! Losing weight AND giving back? So awesome. It didn’t hurt that I got to jet to California and hang out with Jenny McCarthy and David Kirchhoff, Weight Watchers CEO. I mean, how often do you get to hang out with Jenny? She’s totally hilarious, not to mention hot (and David’s not too bad, himself)! My husband was SUPER jealous, but got over it quickly once I indulged him in my photos of Jenny! HA!

Even better than hanging out with Jenny and David, all the other wonderful people from Weight Watchers and the charities, and bloggers from near and far, was the fact that I got to see what a difference Weight Watchers, Share Our Strength, and Action Against Hunger are making in fight against childhood hunger. I got to be a part of it, and it made me realize that we really can LOSE FOR GOOD!

The results from the Lose for Good campaign are in, and David was kind enough to inject his thoughts on our efforts here at the Sisterhood. None of this would have been possible if it weren’t for each and every one of you!

“We set some pretty big goals for ourselves for Lose for Good in 2009, not the least of which was blowing by what was a huge success in 2008.  To do it, we needed all hands on deck from people across the Weight Watchers world.  Bloggers like the Shrinking Jeans crew made a HUGE difference, particularly with our first ever Lose-a-palooza.  By the time Lose for Good was over, the tally was an impressive 4 million lbs of weight lost, $1 million contributed by Weight Watchers and 2 million pounds of food donated by our members (a 33% increase over last year).  Given our currently unkind economy, it goes without saying that these donations are coming at a critical time.

It takes more than a village to make a big food drive a big success.  I am hugely grateful to the Shrinking Jeans crew for being such prominent citizens of our Lose for Good village.”

-David Kirchhoff, Weight Watchers CEO

The results of the Lose for Good campaign are simply AMAZING, aren’t they? Share Our Strength and Action Against Hunger will be splitting a ONE MILLION DOLLAR donation, plus an extra $23,500 raised by Lose-a-Palooza!

I want to thank each and every one of our readers who contributed during our Shrink for Good challenge. We donated approximately 500 pounds of food to food banks for all of our efforts! WOW!

Remember these cute little kids?

Their Headstart center was the recipient of a Good Food Garden and I am happy to report they are thoroughly enjoying exploring their garden and learning all about how plants grow! They have harvested many of their fruits and veggies, including carrots, tomatoes, lettuce, and squash! How amazing that these children will now have access to such wonderful, fresh foods, and also carry away a very important lesson!

At the Sisterhood we support each other on the journey to a healthier lifestyle, and when an opportunity like Lose for Good comes along, we jump at the chance to spread our love. This campaign wouldn’t have been possible without you and you and you, and we want to say thank you for making a difference in the lives of so many.

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