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Update!!! The winner of the $75 Born Fit gift card is… WWCollegeGirl!! Congratulations!

Who here uses artificial sweeteners?  When you’re trying to count calories or points, you learn quickly ways to save calories or points.  When I first started counting calories, I looked at the 15 calories for the packet of sugar then I looked at the 0 calorie Splenda packet.  Logically, which would you choose?  I chose the Splenda.

While learning the in’s and out’s of nutrition, I learned some really interesting things about artificial sweeteners.  Did you know that they really aren’t calorie free?

We’ll use Splenda as an example.  The makers of Splenda advertise that it is made from sugar.  This is true.  It is made from sugar, but what they do is take sugar, which is chemically known as sucrose, and replace parts of the chemical make-up with chlorine atoms.  So, it isn’t that it doesn’t have calories because it does.  After this process, your body just doesn’t absorb the calories.  (Are you looking down at your coffee now?  Yeah, I did, too.)

So, I decided that I would try natural sugar substitutes instead of Splenda or sugar.  There are tons out there and they’re becoming easiers and easier to find.

Some examples of natural sugar substitutes are Stevia, erythritol, xylitol, and Truvia.  My personal problem with Stevia is that I don’t like the taste of it.  I like erythritol okay, but it isn’t as sweet as sugar or Splenda and is expensive at my grocery store.  Truvia is new to the market and it has Stevia in it, so again, I don’t like the taste of it.  The only one I haven’t been able to find here is xylitol.  (You may have seen xylitol as an ingredient in your favorite gum!)

I cannot force myself to “waste calories” on sugar, and I just don’t like the natural sugar substitues.  So for now, I still use Splenda in my coffee.

I’m curious, what do you use as a sweetner?  Sugar?  An artificial sweetner?  A natural sugar substitute?

Source: Women to Women

Now for the fun stuff!

It’s Day #3 of our Shrink-a-Versary Extravaganza, so of course we have a giveaway for you!

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