True Confessions! | The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans


Are you ready for your weekly confessional post? I have a feeling that there will be a lot of people participating this week! Did you put your hand in that candy bowl? Steal your kid’s Kit-Kat? Let’s hear about it! Trust me, you will feel a lot better after letting it all out and starting fresh!

True Confessions of Melissa:

*I had more than a few pieces of Halloween candy. BUT, Erin did put out a tray of veggies too, so I loaded up on those.

*Unless you count trick-or-treating, I did not exercise.

*I only had 3 beers Halloween night.

*I ordered a fruit parfait AND sausage egg McMuffin from you-know-where the next morning for breakfast. Luckily, I my Dad’s girlfriend ate it for me and I just had the fruit and yogurt.

*I have been having a hard time drinking the amount of water I’m used to, thank you SIGG. I returned our bottles to exchange for the new BPA-free ones TWO MONTHS ago and haven’t heard anything since. How sad. I took mine EVERYWHERE with me. It was kind of my baby. I just don’t have the heart or money to buy myself (or the other 5 members of my family) new ones right now.

That’s all for me, now it’s your turn!

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