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Time to fess up.

Well I already told you ahead of time that I’d be gorging on Thanksgiving, to put it mildly. I just spend so much time watching carefully that I had decided ahead of time that I wouldn’t on this day, probably ever. Except that I filled up my plate with all my normal goodies and got only a quarter of the way through and was full!

Which was kind of a nice little self-revelation for me! I could not physically stuff the amount I would have in previous years into my new apparently shrunken stomach hole.

And thus, I didn’t have room for pie! Or cake! Or the two other pies we had! No dessert on Thanksgiving???? Really???

Yep. None for me.

But I did have Thankgiving leftovers.

Which meant Thanksgivingness on Friday.

And again on Saturday. (The “Thanksgiving Sandwich”. Turkey and all of the fixins stacked between two slices of bread. If it counts, it was whole wheat bread.)

And then a birthday party with double chocolate cake and pizza for my son on Sunday.

And more cake on Monday, his real birthday. Sunday was the kid party. Because it’s never a birthDAY, it’s a birthWEEK.

Is that enough disgustingness for you?

It is for me. I am completely wagonbound today and furthermore. I have actually grossed myself out to the point of not being able to even look at crap food. My body is turning on me. It’s screaming for healthy so healthy is what it’s getting.

How bout you?