Weigh-In Wednesday (Christie O.) – Christie O


November 11, 2009 by christieo

Finally, a little good news this week!

The good news is, I’m down 2.5 pounds to 133! An even 133!

The bad news is, I haven’t the faintest how it happened.

Wasn’t the eating.

Wasn’t the working out. Because I’m still a little frustrated I haven’t gotten myself on a schedule yet post-tri. I hear a lot about the post-tri blues and I see why! There is nothing, absolutely nothing until April! That is so far away! But I’m ironing out the kinks and still working out at least 4 times a week, down from 6 but still getting something in.

However, being in this new Globetrotter challenge really makes me want to get out and do a mile or two even on my off-days just to add some miles to my little log at the Daily Mile.

Have you been there yet?? It’s so much fun! Go! Please go! We created a Sisterhood group, it’s so much fun! You can send people motivation (literally! You press a button that says, “send motivation.”) You can share workout photos and best of all, you can log those miles and put a little badge on your blog with your mileage. It’s so cool!

This challenge is such a great motivator that I am constantly thinking, I have to get more miles in! Someone’s going to beat my mileage! I need more miles! It’s starting to take over my being.

How did YOU DO????