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Good morning!

Well, I got the heck scared out of me this morning because as I was sleeping and dreaming about cake, yes, actually dreaming about cake, my mother-in-law had made a beautiful iced cake and we didn’t have time to eat it, so instead she decided to crush up some nuts and mix them with sprinkles and pour them all over the icing of the cake in a very even stream, I mean, the cake looked like it came from a high-end bakery it was that GORGEOUS!

When all of a sudden….


The cat knocks my bike over.

Yes, my bike is in the office that adjoins my room because the garage is a disaster and my bike’s too expensive to sit in that hovel of a garage although now I realize it’s not much safer where it’s at…

Anyhoo. I’m really dragging out this weigh-in.

So I woke up in a shot with my hair in disarray and my eyes all scrunchy, looking exactly like Lissa described in her Weigh-In Wednesday post, and dragged myself to the scale, naked and after peeing, because pajamas and pee weigh about 5 extra pounds, and I stepped on the scaled.

Oh darn.

Up 2. To 135.

Here we go again. The great yo-yo. Up two, down two, up two down two. (Can you gain weight from dreaming about cake? I didn’t even get to EAT IT!)

Well it is TOM so that may be something. You’re welcome.

And actually I thought it was going to at least be the same because I worked out pretty hard last week. I have a pinchy hamstring because of it!

Oh well. You win some you lose some. I guess I gotta stop fiddling around and get serious here.

I am having fun running though! Last week I ran 12 miles, this week so far, 3. I have a couple more 3 mile runs this week and then a 5 mile on the weekend!!

Good luck running, sisters!! How did you do today????