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Well, what can I say….

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, I know my family and I did.  Did Santa bring you everything you wished for and more? I sure hope so. This holiday was wonderful and fulfilling.  Maybe even  a bit much actually. I feel fat, bloated and kinda guilty…my weight loss was going so well and I sabotaged it this holiday.

You see, my husband is an amazing cook and we hosted Christmas dinner to celebrate our new kitchen. Therefore we had to really put on a great display of baked goods and delicious, fattening rich foods for our families. At one point I watched my husband put a stick of butter in the mashed potatoes alone. Part of me cried, but the other have of me was drooling. Prime Rib? Luscious, juicy prime rib. OMG. Did I say how good of a cook my husband is? Have I ever told you how much we love food?

Yeah, that’s why I can’t shop at the cool places, I love food too much and my ass can’t fit it in the tiny pants on the rack of the Gap. (one day they will)


Did I mention the baked goods? Shit, they practically jumped in my mouth every time I walked near them. Red velvet cupcakes, cookies, brownies. I think I can actually hear my thighs begging for mercy.

Water? Ha,I was too busy laughing, drinking and being merry. So today is a new day and I know what I did wrong. So no more excuses, I am re-thinking my shrink, are you?