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Last week’s weight: 170 lbs This week’s weight: 169.5 lbs

Loss of 0.5 lbs

Bu-Bye 170’s- I hope to NEVER see you again.
Hell-oooooo 160’s! I am so happy to be here finally.

I ran my first official race on Turkey Day and kicked ass if I may say so. It’s interesting about hard runs for me, afterwards, I have no inclination to eat. It was only Thanksgiving afternoon, after I started feeling faint and that I might pass out before our turkey dinner was served, that I realized that I hadn’t eaten lunch, or much of anything. I took care of that, but surprise of all surprises, I skipped Thanksgiving dessert. I know, what was wrong with me?!

Anyhoo, I am so excited to officially be in the 160’s. I am only 1 lb away from claiming my 20 lb button from the Sisterhood and I’m sitting here wearing a pair of jeans that I have not worn since January 2008.

So yeah, I am happy.