Rethinking a lot of things – The Shrinking Jeans of Lisa


December 30, 2009 By lisa

I have so many thoughts running through my head my now and the one that seems to tie them all together is this word:


No more effing excuses.  I am re-thinking all those excuses (husband’s unemployment, investing in a real estate property/flipping it/still haven’t sold it, husband finding a job but now works out of town A LOT, managing the household, managing my three kids 6 and under, squeezing in all my blog commitments/IRL friend commitments/family commitments, finding time to exercise/eat right/stay motivated, and how about this, JUST BREATHE, plus a mryaid of other life details). and chucking them out the window.

Are you listening to me world?  NO MORE EXCUSES.

Today, I take charge of me and I AM PUTTING ME FIRST.  Oh, I am getting so emotional right now…..I am actually crying.

No more excuses.  I am just going to DO what I damn well KNOW I NEED to DO.


So yeah, I am superwoman and supermom and superwife (my husband might disagree) and now, I am going to be SUPER-ME.

I will lose the last 15/20 lbs.  I will run a 1/2  marathon in June.  I will get my shit together.

Sorry for all the cussing.  I am feeling quite passionate all about this right now.

Can’t wait to meet all my new sisters (and brothers) maybe some of ya’ll cuss, too.  Good luck to everyone!

PS- I am UP this week and I don’t want to talk about it.  Thankyouverymuchnowgoodbye.