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Merry Merry Christmas to all of you who celebrate!

So wow. We’re about to say goodbye to 2009. Sure went fast, didn’t it?

We want to know, how did it treat you?

Was it like every other year? Did you gain weight or lose weight? Did you yo-yo? Did you plateau? Did you finally break through? Have you been with us for a while? Have you just found us? Start thinking about how your year went, what you would change, what worked and what didn’t, because that’s what our new challenge is all about and start working on a post about your observations because that will be one of our first “projects” in the challenge, because this one’s  about re-thinking your shrinking!

Using what works and tossing what didn’t!

It’s about looking where you are right now. It’s about figuring out why you got there. How you got there. And how to change it and make it all  better.

It’s about looking back so you can look ahead and change the present.

One of my favorite quotes is from Tony Robbins: “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.” I don’t want to do that anymore. You’re here because you don’t want to either.

This is our time to change that. 2010 is our year. To push ourselves further than we’ve ever gone before. To finally be who we know we can be. I know it’s our year.  I can just feel it.

So I ask you this:  are you ready for another rhyme?


You know we had to. So here we go!

We’ve got a new challenge for you to take part We hope 20-10

gets the healthiest start!

You’ll challenge yourself, You’ll challenge each other, You’ll find yourself turn,

Into one bad mother! (Haha!)

Maybe 2009 Didn’t treat you so kind Maybe 2009

You yourself you did find.

Well we’re on the brink of “Re-Think Your Shrink”! Our newest challenge

is about how you *think*!

So get ready, look closely at present and past We’re about to form habits

that forever will last.

Because that beautiful sister’s Just waiting to sprout, unleash that hottie!

That’s what we’re about!

But it’s more than just hot that we’re going after we’re hoping to rewrite

this life’s chapter.

Instead of changing from outside to in, We’re starting from inside,

The BEST way to begin!

Because it’s different this time, You’re NOT all alone, Yes, you can dare

leave that comfort zone!

You will huff and you’ll puff, May even get blisters, But don’t you know,


It’s your one last dance, So now here’s your chance, To get on the floor

and start shrinking those pants!

It’s a tough journey, There are bumps on this ride You’ll have to dig deep

With everything inside.

You will reach milestones. But that’s no surprise, You’re capable of much more

Than you realize.

And you’ll find it’s all worth it, Every drop of that sweat, Every mile, every kick

Every sister you’ve met.

Get ready for the challenge, It’s 7 weeks long, Weekly weigh-ins and projects

prove to yourself that you’re strong!


It’s almost time. Starting weigh-in, December 30. Join us.

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