Review::EA SPORTS Active More Workouts | The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans


More Workouts is the newest fitness game from EA SPORTS Active. Like Personal Trainer, More Workouts guides you through pre-set workouts, just like a personal trainer would in the gym. The beauty is you don’t have to pay personal trainer prices and you can get an amazing workout without ever taking off your pajamas or leaving your living room (although I do recommend a sports bra for the girls!). Perfect, no?

New to More Workouts is a warm up and cool down station, abdominal exercises (that will make you want to cry they’re so good), and 35 new fitness activities including squash (fun!), step aerobics (so much better than the dance moves in Personal Trainer, yo!), and paddle surfing. Like Personal Trainer, you can choose a pre-set workout, build your own workout, or take part in the 6-Week Challenge. You can also choose the intensity you want: Low, Medium, or High (