STOP ME! edition of True Confessions of Melissa – The Shrinking Jeans of Melissa


December 29, 2009 By Lissa

O.M.G. Where, oh where, do I begin? Seriously, people. This is NOT GOOD.

**Chex Mix. Homemade. And in mass quantities.

**Beer. Lots of it.

**Snowed in. What to do? Eat, of course.

**Candy. So, so much.

**Coffee. I drank coffee for three mornings. I haven’t had any since I got home though, only green tea.

**Pop. I had TWO cans on Sunday. What the hell??

**Exercise. None. Unless you count trying to shovel my car out of my Dad’s driveway. Or the zillion trips to unload and load my car up.

**We made it back home on Sunday evening. You would think that I would be on my best behavior again, but I’M NOT! I can’t stop eating. My appetite is ferocious. I.WANT.SUGAR. Halp.

Somebody PLEASE press the reset button.