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It’s Monday! You know what that means! Confession time! With the holidays quickly approaching, I am sure we all have plenty to get off our chests. Did you inhale a few spoonfuls of cookie dough while you were baking with the kids? Accidentally consume the chocolate Santa you had bought to put in your husband’s stocking? Did your exercise consist of Christmas shopping and that only?

Go to your blog, write your confessional post, and come back to Shrinking Jeans and leave your permalink down below. Then, get your butt back on track.

True Confessions of Melissa:

*I decided (while suffering from insomnia) that I will quit drinking coffee. I LOVE MY COFFEE. Am I insane? I woke up Saturday morning and didn’t make my morning brew. I had a headache by 11. It was pretty mild and I thought, “Maybe this won’t be so bad!” So NOT the case. By about 8 that night, I had a roaring headache that continued all night.

Next morning, still there, only not too bad again. I thought it was almost over. WRONG. Raged again. But, I am happy to report that since I woke up this morning, I am mostly headache free! WOOT!

*Since my husband went back to work on Wednesday, I have been failing miserably at exercising. Kirsten? Jen? Where are you? I need you to execute your ass-chewing skills, please.

*Chocolate. Enough said.

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