Holding Steady – The Shrinking Jeans of April


January 6, 2010 By april

I weighed in this morning, and I’m exactly the same as I was last week.

Now, I COULD be mad at myself.  I could be stomping the floors at the fact that I didn’t lose weight this week.

But I’m Rethinking My Shrink here, so when I “re”think about it, I know that all I did was enough to hold steady.  I drank dark beers instead of light beers, I had treats that I normally didn’t have, and I did just enough so that I didn’t gain.

If I’m rethinking my shrink, I know that I made that choice for this week.  There is no one to blame, not even myself because this was my plan for the week.

If I’m rethinking my shrink, I’m okay with that choice that I made, but I know that it’s not a choice I need to make a habit because I do have a goal I AM going to reach this year.

If I’m rethinking my shrink, I know that this week, I’m making healthier choices because that’s what I WANT to do.

If I’m rethinking my shrink, I love myself because the mindset I’ve taken this challenge is that every day is a new day and I’m going to make good and bad choices throughout my life and learning to be okay with my choices and learning from them is part of growing while on this journey.

Yeah, I’m rethinking my shrink…are you?