It’s going DOWN! – The Shrinking Jeans of Lisa


January 6, 2010 By lisa

At the start of our weigh-in for this challenge, I reported that my weight was up from the previous week, but I didn’t say by how much because I was too embarrassed.  I had been doing so good for so long and I wasn’t ready to admit to ya’ll that I gained FOUR pounds in ONE week.

Weigh-in 12/16:  168

Weigh-in 12/23: 168

Weigh-in 12/30: 172 (I was “no holds barred” over the holidays.  Even though I exercised quite a bit, it wasn’t enough to offset the onslaught of fat in the form of pasta, cookies, desserts, and alcohol.)

However, with the start of our new challenge, I vowed to myself to get back on track with my healthy eating (that’s all I can do, I can’t UNDO the crazy eating that I already did).  I started food journaling again, I am drinking 100+ oz of water per day, I am making better food choices, and I am exercising 5 days a week- well, that’s  the goal.

I am happy to report that I am DOWN this week, not to 168 but DOWN from 172 : ).

Weigh-in 1/6: 169.5

Loss of 2.5 lbs.

I am still not where I was two weeks ago.  Apparently, it is so easy to pack on the weight and oh so much harder to take it off.  That is OK.  I’ve “planned my work” and now I am going “work my plan”.

Good luck to all of my sisters (and brothers).