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I wanna play, I wanna play, I wanna play!

Here are my Thursday Three.

  1. Yesterday, I ate quite a bit of fiber, fruits and vegetables.  It made for an interesting, root-toot-tooting time later in the day : ).
  2. I’ve mentioned this before, by one of my most embarrassing gym moments was when a trainer tapped me on the shoulder to inform me that a pair of panties had fallen out of my shorts (I was on the treadmill at the time).  Can we say “mortified”?!  Meanwhile, my girlfriend next to me tried to hold in her laughter as best as she could but she really didn’t do that good of a job.
  3. My eyebrows need to be waxed before they become one big uni-brow.  For realz.  And why does the wax lady always ask me if I want to get my upper lip waxed too?!  WTH.  I like my “mustache”.

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