Breaking the 3 Mile Barrier – The Shrinking Jeans of April


January 11, 2010 By april

As you all know, I hate to run running and I aren’t exactly the best of friends.  I was forced challenged to run a half marathon with a lot of you super fun people.  This is something I want to do, not only to meet some of you, but also to raise money for a really good cause!  (Hey, wanna go here or here to help us get there?! THANKS!)

Knowing that I have such a hard time with running, I decided to give  myself a head start on training.  A few weeks before Christmas, I started running on the treadmill at the gym.  For whatever reason, I cannot mentally get past 3 miles.  I know physically I can do it.  I can now run 3 miles and not be too winded or sweaty.  But once I hit that 3 mile mark, my mind shuts down completely.

I have even told myself “today, I’m going to run 4 miles.  I’m going to do it” and then get on the treadmill, hit three miles and I’m done.

Today, Brooke and I were chatting over email.  At one point, I told her, “today I’m going 4 miles.”  I thought that maybe by telling her this instead of just myself, my mind would commit to running 4 miles, but I still had my doubts.

Then Brooke says, “you have to do 4 miles today. cause that’s how much i’m doing. and you don’t want me to show you up do you?”

Everything about that screamed CHALLENGE.  I heart a good challenge, so here we go:

Mile 1: Mentally mile 1 is a tough one.  Remember, I’d rather be playing Guitar Hero doing a work out DVD, so mile 1 is not my friend.  Physically mile 1 is a piece of cake and is beginning to pass more quickly.

Mile 2: Nowadays, my brain begins to say “screw it” during this mile.  It has accept the fact they we’re going to do this and takes the “let’s get it over with” attitude.  This mile passes quickly and physically is no just as easy as mile 1.

Mile 3: Here is where my brain is seeing the finish line.  It’s telling my body, we’re almost done, just one short mile and we’re done for the day.  Physically it’s more challenging, but it’s doable.

Today, I’m watching the treadmill as it nears the end of the third mile.  My brain is happy because we’re almost done…oh, no, will I stop again today?  Remember, I’ve been issued a challenge.  2.98, 2.99, 3.0, and I keep running.  I slowed my pace a bit so that I wouldn’t crap out.   My mind is screaming, “what the HELL are you doing?” My body isn’t that happy with me either.  I’m testing it’s limits right now.  I’ve never run this far in my life. I’ve never run this long in my life.  3.5…I pick up the pace because I figure the faster I run, the more quickly this will be over.  I watch the treadmill count the distance.  My body is drenched with sweat.  3.75…I REALLY want to stop now, can I stop now?  Please?  But you’re almost there.  Come ON.  3.9 …let’s finish this; bump the speed up to 6.0.  4.0…DONE.

I ran 4 miles in 44 minutes.  I broke the 3 mile barrier.  I’m sore, going to be more sore tomorrow, my brain is tired, and I feel AMAZING.

Now. Only nine more miles to train for.