Lisa » Blog Archive » Weigh-in Wednesday: Wanna See Me In Real Life Action?


Last week’s weigh-in:  169.5 lbs

This week’s weigh-in:  168 lbs 168.5 lbs

Loss of 0.5 1 lb for the week (apparently my tired eyes couldn’t see the scale right and my tired brain couldn’t do simple subtraction!)

Total loss of 4.5 lbs for this challenge

I was hoping for a bigger loss, especially with all of the exercising I have been doing of late, but my body is apparently on the slow weight loss road.  That is OK, because I know with slow loss, I will most definitely keep the weight off once it effing comes off.  I have to just be patient.

I already have the exercise part down pat, now I have to get the “eating right” part down pat this has always been the hardest part  for me.  I am not journaling and I’m only keeping my nighttime snacking down on certain nights, not all nights.  I’m considering joining Weight Watchers or counting calories but I’m not sure if I have the discipline for either.  Hey, I’m just being truthful here.  Of course, if I don’t buckle down and get better control of my eating (I think faulty portion control is at work), then my weight loss will continue to be slow, slow, slow.

That’s OK.  I will work it out and figure it out.  This is about a lifestyle change for me.  I’m not looking for any short term solutions.  I’m in this for the long haul.

On a lighter note…………

Last night, Shrinking Jeans hosted our last chance TWorkout ( twitter + workout = tworkout) while watching The Biggest Loser.  A few of us decided to record the fun downright silliness and let me just say that I have never had so much fun as I did making this video making a fool out of myself.

What you see of me in this video is EXACTLY who I am in real life- a little goofy, yapping away a lot, laughing a lot and smirking occasionally.  What do you see?

Oh yeah, major kudos to my friend Amanda (and videographer) of this momentous occasion.  I’m not sure who laughed more- me or her.