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So, show of hands…who’s been joining us for our Last Chance Tworkouts on Twitter every Tuesday during the Biggest Loser??  Come on, I want to see those hands!!!

Now, who has seen our tworkouts and doesn’t watch the Biggest Loser, but wishes they could join in anyway?  Raise those hands high people!!

Here’s the thing…every Tuesday we “workout” on Twitter during the Biggest Loser.  We call it our Last Chance Tworkout since we’re trying to burn a few extra calories before weigh-in.  I’m told that Squat Holds are a favorite among the regulars.  Right, all you regular Tworkout-ers?

ANYWAYS, we, here at the Sisterhood, were discussing things, and we thought that maybe it would fun to continue having Tworkouts even after Biggest Loser had finished for the season.  And what if we had our Tworkouts posted elsewhere for all of you folks who aren’t on Twitter.  Would you join in?  What if we designated a few specific shows during the week where we Tworked out?  Would you do it?

So, this is what we want to know from YOU.  Are you interested in Tworking out with us?  If we set a Tworkout, would you do it during your favorite shows?  I mean, who doesn’t want to burn a few extra calories a day, right?  RIGHT?

So, we want to hear your thoughts.  Give it to us.  Who is up for a Tworkout???

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