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January 4th, 2010 | | Posted in Uncategorized |

Not “good night” as in “sleep well” — “good night” as in “Holy crap what the hell happened”. I got on the scale today and I seemed to have gained about 10lbs since thanksgiving… Not cool. I was 2lbs over the dreaded 300lb mark. I am hoping to be under for wednesday’s weigh in. I drank 60oz of water today and walked 1.6 miles– two things that haven’t done a couple weeks.

I am a wreck without structure. Without it I will do nothing and eat everything.

Three cheers for structure !

I really really loved Christie’s post for the Monday Project today. You have to figure out what worked and what didn’t if you want to be successful where you weren’t in the past. Doing the exact same thing that didn’t work last time probably won’t work this time. But maybe just a slight adjustment will do the trick !

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