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This week’s Monday Project is to think of five reasons why we kick ass. I can think of about 10 million and one things about myself that I want to change, but of course, like most people, struggle with the positive side of things.

So, TA-DA! Five reasons why I rock…

#1 – I’m fun. I am a complete and total dork and I know it. I like to laugh!

#2 – I completed a 1/2 marathon and now I’m doing another one. Did I mention all the money I am raising for charity? That rocks.

#3 – I run a household with 4 (for the most part) happy children while my husband is gone for weeks and weeks at a time.

#4 – I have an adventurous, restless spirit. Some people may not think this is a good thing, but I do. I love to experience new things and want to teach my children to dream big and never settle.

#5 – It’s a toss-up between this (thanks for the idea, Christy!):

or this: