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Our NEW posting schedule for 2010, just in case you haven’t seen it yet.

The schedule will go like this: Motivation Monday, True Confessions Tuesday, Weigh-in Wednesday, Thursday’s 3’s, Fitness, Friday, The Saturday Review, and Recipe Sunday.

We’re so innovative, aren’t we?!

So yeah. I’m supposed to talk about motivation or something like that.

Motivation is the activation or energization of goal-oriented behavior. Motivation may be intrinsic or extrinsic.

Intrinsic: from within….. I enjoy running.  It makes me feel good, it’s a good stress relief, I like the feel of my legs pumping hard to propel me forward.  I like sweating.  The motivation comes from within.

Extrinsic: from outside of the person…..Dare I admit this?  Oh yes, I dare.  I like going to the gym and staring/checking out/drooling over the hard bodies.  I can’t believe I just typed that. Yep, under the cover of “reading” my magazine, I am really oogling the guy with the lean, muscular body working out a few machines over.  Or the woman with the thin, toned body with just a small trace of body fat doing push-ups over there I bet she didn’t squeeze out three babies in 5 years time.  Tell me I ‘m not alone.

This doesn’t just happen at the gym.  I could be on th trail running and notice these things.  Or shopping at the mall or buying groceries or at the library.  I constantly notice people and how fit they look and wondering how much harder and longer I will have to work to look like that.

Am I crazy in my thinking?

However, I realized something.  I may never look like that man (doh!) or that woman.   However, I will do my very best to lose the extra pounds that cling to my frame, to eat healthy, to be cardiovascular fit.  If that means that I get to have a lean, toned body in the process, then GREAT. AWESOME. COOL.

If not, that’s OK.  I know that what I am doing is GOOD FOR ME, FOR MY LONG TERM HEALTH.  And if I am doing the things I should be doing (eat right/exercise/take care of my soul), then my body will look the way it is supposed to look.

What about you?  What motivates you?  Intrinsically?  Extrinsically?

Do you need ME to motivate YOU?!

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