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Okay, I’ll admit I put this off till the last minute.

Good or bad, that’s how I roll. I’ve been this way since, well, forever – I, um, work best under pressure?

Without further ado, and because I’m exhausted from fighting with my new camera, WordPress and Photobucket, here is my Wall, or Board of Motivation.

It sits right in front of my treadmill, which is where I think I need the most motivation. Some days, it’s all I can do to stay on and push myself.

My new motto. BE YOUR OWN HERO. I admire many people…I think I need to start admiring myself. Not in a boastful way, but in a healthy way.

My biggest fans, my husband and son. And my to-do list for 2010.

A beautiful shot of my friend Colleen, who did her best to kick cancer’s ass, but lost her battle in October. The day she died was the day I realized I needed to push myself further, work harder and challenge myself. Because I’m alive, I’m here and I’m healthy. Because I CAN.

A daily reminder of the mountain I will climb in June. So excited. So terrified.

What I repeat to myself when I’m uncomfortable and want to stop running.

And what I say to myself at the end of a run. Why not? ONE MORE MILE.

I love love LOVED this project. How did you do?