Rethink Your Shrink Week 1 – The Shrinking Jeans of Christy


January 6, 2010 By Christy

This week is my first official weigh-in for the challenge! Last week I was out of town, and checked in with the previous week’s weight of 140.4.

This weeks weigh-in is pretty much what I expected! After being out of town for a week, and pretty much eating what I wanted (with all the guilty feelings. ugh), my weight is up this week.

Today: 141.2

I am happy with that weight. I feel like it could have been, and should have been much higher! Since returning home on Sunday, I’ve buckled down. I’m happy to say I’ve been meeting all of my goals!!

A little refresher:

  1. GET ON WW ONLINE AND DO IT! No excuses. NONE.
  2. EXERCISE! Strength training, running, cardio.
  3. WATER! OMG, I have fallen off on my water intake, and that’s one thing I know helps me lose weight! WATER has got to be a priority!
  4. FRESH! I need to start consuming fresh, fresh, fresh food.

I downloaded the new iPhone app from Weight Watchers and I LOVE it. SO MUCH. It’s totally free, too! I ran on Monday, did the EA SPORTS Active More Workouts on Tuesday, and will do it again tonight. I’ve been drowning myself with water, and I feel SO much better for it. And I’ve been eating lots and lots of fruits and veggies!

Tomorrow I’m escaping central Texas, and our frigid weather, and heading to sunny LA! Why, you ask? As a EA SPORTS Active 6-Week Challenger, one of the perks is a challenge end retreat! FUN! So I, along with the other 11 challengers will converge in sunny LA for a little fun this weekend. Part of the fun includes a LIVE web chat, that I encourage you pop in on! We’ll be taking questions, talking about our experiences with More Workouts, and EA SPORTS Active’s own fitness expert will be there as well. And don’t forget super-rad Kathryn (@Active_Girl)!

The Live Chat starts at 4 p.m. PST on Saturday and here’s the link! Stop by and check it out! You don’t have to do anything other than watch, although I’d love to get some questions and support from y’all!

Have a great, shrinking week!