Rethink Your Shrink! Week 2 Weigh-in | The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


It’s Wednesday, folks!  What are you waiting for??  Go jump on the scale!

How did Week 2 go for you?? Did you get what you expected? Do your results match what you put into this week?  Tell us all about how it went!! Leave your results and/or blog post link in our comments.

If you are just finding us this week, it is never too late to join our little Sisterhood!  Jump in where you are!  Check out the current challenge, grab one of our nifty buttons and then get blogging.

And don’t forget!  We have two giveaways that end TODAY!  Why not enter for some free HEALTHY stuff after you step on the scale?

  • Check out Christy’s review for a chance to win a gift pack of Salba Smart. Two of you will win!
  • Have you tried the Spiced Honey Pretzels that Lissa posted?  They came from the Taste of Home Comfort Food Diet Cookbook which we are also giving away. Again, two of you will win!

I need to go jump on the scale myself, not to mention get going on my Motivation Wall!

Isn’t today a great day to change your life?

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