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After a substantial loss last week after totally kicking my own butt the first week of the challenge, I went the opposite direction. Oops.

I didn’t go crazy with food. In fact, for going to Vegas, I think I did pretty well. No buffets here! One of the benefits of having a husband who is grossed out by buffet style dining, I guess. Cause I otherwise would be all over the all you can eat action.

We walked TOO MUCH a lot while we were there too. My feet, oh my aching feet! But, still. Walking is good. I just need to be more mindful of my footwear…

But other than that, I didn’t exercise at all until yesterday.  Last Wednesday, I was all fired up from my loss and went running – and it was AWFUL. One of those runs that just never feels good, no matter how much you will it to. No runners high. Ugh.

Yesterday I finally forced myself to hit the treadmill, and made it only 20 minutes before my legs were just killing me. So, today, I’m going to do some major research on leg stretches. There is no way I’m going to injure myself now. NO. NO! The good news is, cardiovascularly (um, is that even a word?) , I feel great.

To the numbers – I was worried I’d gain this week. I was hoping to maintain at best. But I lost! Only .4 pounds, but in the right direction! Woot! Today I weighed in at 166.3.

Even better? I only need to lose one more pound to be a ‘normal’ BMI on the Wii Fit! So hopefully my avatar won’t hang her head in shame every time I step on the balance board. And maybe her muffin top will go away…