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Rethink Your Shrink is about changing from the inside. It’s about looking back so that you can move forward by changing the present. We will re-evaluate our eating habits, our patterns, our obstacles and our activity levels. We will take with us what worked in 2009 and dispose of what didn’t.

Good morning SISTERHOOD! It’s weigh-in day, and we’re dying to know how your first week of Rethinking Your Shrink went! With this year so newly upon us, it’s hardly time to slack off, so we’re expecting to see some great losses.

So run, don’t walk to your scales (you know because you can burn some extra calories that way!). Hop on and peer down at that number? Is it shrinking? We hope so. We truly do. After you give yourself a HUGE pat on the back, let those fingers fly across your keyboard as you blog about your weigh-in, how you’re feeling about the challenge, and anything else you might want to share. Don’t forget to grab one of our fancy challenge buttons to add to your blog while you’re at it. I mean, who wouldn’t want one?

If you’re just now finding us, please don’t think it’s too late to join our challenge. It’s never too late, and we love newcomers! You can read more about the challenge here, and be sure to check out our first challenge post from last week. The short of it is we weigh in on Wednesdays, blog about it, and link up here in the comments section. Then we all go around and give each other some Sisterhood support. Easy-peasy, no?

On Mondays during the Rethink Your Shrink challenge, we have a fantabulous feature, that may or may not include homework, called The Monday Project. It could be about taking a look back, taking a look forward, or just taking a look at yourself. No matter the subject, it’s going to be a wonderful way to help YOU Rethink Your Shrink and become a healthier person from the inside out. Be sure to check out this week’s project here, and remember that “homework” is due on Fridays!

Because sometimes we forget and need a swift kick in the ass, we JUST announced our Biggest Shrinker for the Shrink-a-Versary Extravaganza challenge AND the winner of the Globetrotting with the Sisterhood challenge last night! Please make sure to congratulate your fellow sisters for all of their amazing, hard work!

In case you didn’t know, The Sisterhood hosts a Last Chance Workout twitter party while we watch the Biggest Loser on Tuesday nights! We start at 8 p.m. central time and go all the way till midnight for you west coast peeps! Be sure to join us and get your last chance workout in before Wednesday Weigh-ins! Follow the Sisterhood on Twitter, look for the #biggestloser hashtag, and join in the torture fun!

Last, but not least, have a wonderful week! Do some major shrinking, and don’t forget to drink your water, k?

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