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I mostly live under a rock and ignore the news but when the news is of the magnitude of the earthquake in Haiti, I can no longer ignore it. If you have been watching the news, then you know that Port Au Prince and surrounding areas have been decimated by a 7.0  earthquake.

My heart hurts for the people of Haiti.

All of us Sisters feel strongly about giving back, especially in times of need. THEY need our help and the quickest way to help is to donate money.

I know times are tough….oh boy, do I know how tough they can be. However, all of us have running water, electricity, a roof over our heads, access to education and we live in a modern world with modern conveniences. I would even venture to say that we (when I say “we”, I really mean “I”) take some of those things for granted.

We would like to ask each of you to donate $5 for every pound lost at this week’s weigh-in.  Give more if you can or heck, it doesn’t really matter the amount…..if you are in no position to give at this time, then that’s OK. We know that everyone’s heart is in the right place.

Click here to donate to the Red Cross and leave us a comment letting us know you did so.

Hug your family extra tight tonight and say a prayer for those in Haiti.

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