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After the great frosting debacle of last weekend, I was angry at myself and bound and determined to not gain weight this week.

I launched myself into full on exercise mania. Think DJ Tanner in that episode when she thinks she’s fat and tries to get in shape for Kimmy Gibler’s what a skinny ho pool party and passes out on the treadmill. Except I did, in fact, eat.  But I was careful.

Sunday night, I did Wii Active More Workouts.  Monday, I did Wii Active More Workouts and ran three and a half miles.  Yesterday I did Wii Active More Workouts, I ran three miles and did a 90 minute hot yoga class (which I will post about later – it was horrible/amazing).

I was thinking this would put me at maintaining. And I would have been happy with maintaining, because OMGTHEFROSTING.

I got on the scale with trepidation this morning. After all the rituals (I am SO weird about weighing in. OCD, pretty much), I stood there, perched on the scale…and…

I’m down 2.2 pounds – to 165.6!

Yahhhhoooey! (This is my son’s favorite thing to scream these days)

It feels so good to dodge a bullet, and also see very hard work paying off. Other than some embarrassing eating over the weekend, I did work really, REALLY hard. I’m sure a lot of the weight loss was water – sweat, in the yoga class. It was intense. To say the VERY least.

Water weight or not, I’ll take it, because I feel healthy and vital today.

And that’s really the point, isn’t it?