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No sweetening this up. Nope. I GAINED 1.5 pounds this week. Not the end of the world, but super frustrating. I feel like I’ve hit a plateau or something. I keep losing and gaining pack the same 2-3 pounds. And there is no way the weight I am at now is where my body ‘wants’ to be. I’m not at a healthy BMI. So staying here is not an option.

I ran this week. For Pete’s sake, I ran SIX miles straight. That is a personal record for me. Including that run, I ran four times this week. So, I supppose I did not hit my five workouts per week. Okay, actually, I did, with the last chance Tworkout last night during the Biggest Loser. But I probably needed more than that.

I did not go crazy with food this week. In fact, I threw a baby shower with all kinds of tempting, fattening food, but by the time I had a chance to sit down and eat, all the food was gone! That said, I did not log my food this week. Maybe I am eating more than I think (which is usually the case).

So, I guess the task now is to reassess what I’m doing. Be more strict about what I eat. Make sure I get all my workouts in – and mix it up. Not just running. Something else. I’m thinking I may try a hot yoga class this week.

I hope everyone else had a more successful week and that I will be able to report back next week with better results!