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It’s here! It’s here! (And yes, I’ve heard you all calling it “Homework” behind my back! )

OK, fine, I guess it is. But I really want us to think of this as yet another tool to arm ourselves in our constant battle with “Can I?”

Because yes we can! I love punctuation because it makes the sentence “Yes we can.” different from “YES WE CAN!!!”

Yes, for this “journey” to be a journey, there must be soul-searching. There must be digging deep and finding out what you really are made of. To find out if you’re willing enough to let the good stuff from deep down come out so you can be everything you want to be and more that you didn’t even know was in there.

So what have you come up with? How was this for you? Did you learn anything from it? I did.

So go ahead! Link up in the comments below and share! And please go read and share and support the sisters who have thoughtfully linked up here. It takes courage to bare your souls and share your journey! 

And you even get something for doing it! For everyone who links up right here with your “Project Me“, you get one of these:

It has my motto on it, “Strength, Focus, Discipline.” I wear mine proudly and I just need to look at it for renewed motivation. After you link up, send me an e-mail with your snail mail address and I’ll send you one. ([email protected].)

Happy Friday everyone! Thanks for participating! And good luck this weekend! Come back Monday for project #2 — it’s fun! (It has to do with motivation…)

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