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It’s Thursday Three day!!  If you’re new to our wonder and fabulous SISTERHOOD, the Thursday Three is a list of three things.  What kind of list, you ask?  Well, a list of just about anything we want.  And we’re asking you (yes, YOU) to join us.  I would dare you, but I’m told that daring doesn’t work for some of you, so join us or I’ll pop ya, m’kay? (Okay, not really.  Maybe.  Guess you’ll have to risk it.)

SO…today’s Thursday Three is a good one…I want you to list 3 fitness/health heroes.

1.  First up is my BFF Jessie.  When I first realized that I really needed to lose weight and I needed to lose a lot of it, I turned to Jessie.  Jessie and I had recently re-connected with each other over many beers dinner, and she told me how she had really gotten into working out.  Once I had my A-HA! moment, I turned to Jessie, and she pointed me in the right direction.  We still talk fitness highs and lows almost every day, and I love it.

2.  Next (and I know this may be super cheesy) is Jillian Michaels.  I was a big fan of The Biggest Loser, but it wasn’t until I discovered the radio show that Jillian used to do every Sunday morning that she became my hero.  She was my teacher, and I her student.  I downloaded her show to my ipod every Monday evening, and Tuesday mornings were School O’ Jillian.  I learned how much she really, really cared about changing people’s lives, but even though I know she cared, I would still have paid good money for her to yell at me for an hour while I was working out.  Also, I learned everything I know about counting calories and eating healthy.  Because of her, I decided that I wanted to help others, to pay forward what I had learned.

3.  Finally, is this SISTERHOOD.  This website, this community, every single one of YOU make this place what it is.  The one thing that was absolutely amazing to me when I first found the Sisterhood was the unbelievable support there was.  If one sister did great, there were high fives all around.  If another sister had a hard week, those same sisters were there to pick her up.  The more that I stayed, the more I loved this place.  I’ve seen sisters join and stay, and I’ve seen sisters come, go, and then come back again.  This thing we so fondly (or not) call our weight loss journeys all have their ups and downs.  It can be easy at times and cans suck other times, but no matter what, we are here for you, for each other,  Every day, I witness and feel pure happiness that YOU are here, and giving living a healthy lifestyle an honest go.  There is no prerequisite to join, we love and accept all, and all we ask is that you give living healthy your best and cheer on everyone else who is on this same journey.  That, my friends, is the epitome of Sisterhood.  So, if you haven’t joined us, if you’ve been lurking wanting to join but haven’t, why don’t you join us today?  We would LOVE to have you.

So…who are YOUR fitness/health heroes?  Let’s hear it!

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