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We’re having some fun on this sort of potpourri Thursday Three . (Look at that, I rhymed!)

Today I give you three fun facts/slash/embarrassing moments.

1. I would like to state for the record that for week one of our Rethink Your Shrink challenge, we as a group lost about 75 pounds! Wait. I’m going to say that again. 75 FREAKIN POUNDS! IN ONE WEEK! And it is probably more because there are a few of us who did not weigh in yesterday and were posting their weights today. Is that not amazing and awesome!?? Great job, ladies. And dude. We so totally rock. Keep up the momentum. It’s contagious.

2. Go ahead, drop an F bomb if you have to, because according to a study over at WebMD, cursing may help lessen the perception of pain. So when your thighs are burning, they might burn a little less if you ^#[email protected]$%$&$!!!!!!!!!! And then you can keep going.

3. I am constantly being overshadowed by wardrobe malfunctions. I’ve already blogged about wearing two different shoes to the gym and having my undies fall out onto the floor in the middle of the gym. This week I wore two different socks to the gym and my sports bra was inside out (what is WRONG with me!) and on Christmas day, I went half the day with my pants on backwards.

Now YOU!

Spill a fun fact or an embarrassing moment. GO!

* * *

ps. Monday Project link up is TOMORROW! Do you know The Monday Project? Project “Me”!

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