True Confessions Tuesday: The Story of McPoints – The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


We’re all good. We’re all  great. We are all wearing our little shiny halos, right? NOT!!!!

Maybe I’m just speaking for myself but I gotta tell ya, I have one big confession on this True Confessions day and it all centers around last Wednesday. Oh, that fateful day.

I need to erase this week and start over. This Wednesday just can’t get here fast enough.

So here’s my story.

Last Wednesday, I don’t know what got into me. I think I might have been possessed by a hog. Maybe the sickness (that I still have) befuddled my brain. I don’t know.

But I ate at Panera. Which wasn’t that bad. If I’d have stuck to the coffee like I wanted! But instead I had that yummy egg sandwich on an Asiago bagel that they were talking about on the radio on the way over (and yes, commercials totally work on me). I washed that puppy down with a cheese danish (not giving you any ideas here! Don’t blame me!) Well thank God they cut my wireless off at lunchtime.

So then I left and the kids’ naptime came and I ran to the computer. I didn’t walk, I ran.

I opened up my laptop. I waited nervously and impatiently for it to turn on and get a signal so I could log onto Weight Watchers and go back and sign up again. I tried to go on my own. But I proved that morning that I just can’t be trusted. I need accountability in every single form possible.

Oh and I wish that were it for that fateful Wednesday (she says, shamefully. From the corner.)

But it wasn’t. After the naps we went to the park and when we left, it was way past dinner time and the kids were starving and I just knew it would be too late if I made dinner (I was going to crockpot something and then I didn’t and that’s where I went all wrong — prevention is key!) So we made that easy stop. You know the one. The Mcplace that all Mckids love so much that they recognize the golden McArches from miles away.

And I proceeded to have McNuggets. And a cheeseburger. And fries. And a coke.

McNuggets AND a cheeseburger? Who am I? Who on earth do I think I am?

So then I coyly and secretly decided in my head I’d start counting points on Thursday. Brilliant!! Because that would fix everything! I’d just ignore these indiscretions. Even though I counted the Panera points already.

But the evil Mcpoints kept taunting me in my mind, saying, “You can ignore us! Go ahead and try! But we will still be here! Muwahahahahaha!” with their pointy little Mcfingers.

And so then I counted them. And in one single day I had not only used my all my day points, I had also used ALL OF MY EXTRA POINTS FOR THE ENTIRE WEEK AHEAD! ALL OF THEM! I ate 2 1/2 DAYS worth of points in one sitting. YUP. That’s how much disgustingness I ate in one day. I actually ate more calories that day than I did on Thanksgiving.

For sure.

So I have no extra points. I don’t know if you know anything about Weight Watchers, but I get 23 points a day. And no extra because I ATE THEM. Now Weight Watchers is a very generous people, they do give you extra points for doing activity and I did bike 30 miles over the weekend and got points for that. But I don’t like to dip into those. But I have. All because  I am STARVING. I’m so hungry! But maybe I’m not! My mind just knows I only have a certain amount and zero leeway and then I feel like I’m starving. Because I’m a headcase.

In sum, I cannot wait until Wednesday. When I get my big bank of extra points to spread out throughout the week like a good girl.  The good news is that I have not used up all my points. But I’m close. But it was still a bad, bad, last Wednesday.

The end.

How bout you? What’s your story? Don’t be bashful.

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