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Last weekend, while hanging out with Melissa in Denver, she looked at me and said that while we were at her hubby’s aunt’s house for football, there would be a yogurt dip there for dipping chips and veggies into.  This was something they all loved and she wasn’t sure that I would love it too, since if you know me at all, you know that yogurt makes me gag.

Don’t get me wrong, I want to like yogurt, but every time I try to eat it, I gag.  (I know you wanted to know that, right?)

I’m also a ranch dressing nut.  I love ranch dressing on just about everything, baked potatoes, chips, veggies, pizza.  LOVE ranch dressing.  But keeping an open mind, I decided to give this yogurt dip a try, and I found that I love it.  And Melissa wasn’t kidding when she said they all loved it!  So, with Super Bowl parties coming up, I thought I’d share a healthier way to dip your snacks!

So, here’s how you make it(as told to me by Melissa):

You’ll need a big tub of fat free plain yogurt. (Melissa tells me that they use the High Plains kind.)  Strain the yogurt overnight through a cheesecloth in a noodle strainer or a veggie steamer tray.  This makes it thick like sour cream.  Then put the yogurt in a bowl, mix in olive oil a bit at a time stirring until the mixture is smooth.  Add salt to taste (kosher works great) and voila!  You have magic yogurt dip! (Okay, they didn’t call it magic yogurt dip, but I do!)

You can use it for everything you use ranch dip/dressing and sour cream for.  Veggies, crackers, bread, cheese, baked potatoes.  Okay, maybe not your salad, but you get the idea!  And if you want to make a yummy salad dressing instead of ranch or whatever dressing is your favorite, try olive oil, lemon juice and kosher salt!  YUM!

And there’s your healthier way to dip your snacks!

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