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I’m so excited about the Wall of Motivation!! Here it is: 

I have a couple of themes going on. It’s funny how it kind of took on a life of its own! Fear. The theme for me is conquering fear.

In this one, I have a picture in the lower right hand corner of the actual swim that I will be doing in the triathlon in April. On the side is my favorite Karate Kid and that part in the movie when the guys were in the dojo yelling, “FEAR DOES NOT EXIST IN THIS DOJO, DOES IT!? PAIN DOES NOT EXIST IN THIS DOJO DOES IT!? DEFEAT DOES NOT EXIST IN THIS DOJO DOES IT!?” And that’s on there. I moved my Ironwoman Chrissie Wellington, but she’s still on there. Smack in the middle are my goals, fitness oriented but what’s most important to me is learning how to be fearless and how to focus. I need to actually envision myself crossing the finish line, and the goal right now is a bit daunting and I’m having trouble picturing it. I’ll get there.

I am counting on this wall to keep me going. I will always be adding to it and I’m glad it’s here on my side.