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Expecting a long this week about what’s been going on with Team in Training? 

Um nope, you aren’t going to get it.

Life has been super busy this past week, with my middle child turning 4 years old, hosting two birthday parties, and a visit from the grandparents.  Throw in all the running I have been doing, figuratively and literally, and yeah, I don’t have a long post in me!

However, I can tell you this.

I ran my longest training run yet: 5 miles……well, 5.11 miles to be exact (right around 1 hour).

What?  You didn’t hear me?  Here, my boys help me show you how many miles I ran (I have a daughter, too, but she was off playing somewhere in the house and can I just say how much I love this picture?!).

Yep, I ran 5 miles and lived to tell about it. 

Now, my body wants a nap.  And a massage.  And for someone to take care of EVERYTHING so that I can rest : ).

Donate here to Team Shrinking Jeans (we’re running a 1/2 marathon and raising $$ for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society).