Christy’s True Confessions | Christy


Well, it’s time for me to saddle up and get down to business. This past week hasn’t been so pretty, at least in my eyes. Do you ever feel like when you are so focused on one thing, it’s hard to maintain focus on other things? That’s me.

My sites have been so heavily set on Team in Training and stressing about fundraising, that all I want to do is eat. Seriously.

*beep beep beep beep*

That’s the sound of the forklift backing up to my mouth so I can shovel the food in.

It’s got to stop. Fast.

My infractions for the week:

  1. Candy.
  2. Chocolate covered strawberries.
  3. Party treats at my son’s Valentine’s Day party. Way too many treats.
  4. The Pioneer Woman’s chicken parmigiana.
  5. Chocolate frozen yogurt with peanut butter spooned on top.
  6. More candy.
  7. Not enough water.

I do *not* normally eat this way. I purposely don’t keep candy and sweet treats in the house because, HELLO, look what happens. No control!

On a good note, I will say that one night I scooped a heapin’ helpin’ of fro yo into a bowl and topped it with an extra large dollup of extra crunchy peanut butter, and after the first bite I was so disappointed in myself that I put the bowl in the sink and ran hot water on it! HA! That took some willpower. I mean who wants to waste chocolate peanut buttery goodness like that?!

Did you know that extra crunchy peanut butter has 200 calories in TWO TABLESPOONS, and that 2 tablespoons is to be measured level, as in NOT heapin’? Yup.

Another positive is that my training for the San Diego 1/2 marathon is going great! My runs have been amazing and so invigorating!!

So that’s it. Hopefully the scales will be nice to me in the morning. Lord knows I’ll be hitting the Last Chance Tworkout with extra intensity tonight!