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Well I made it through another challenge but I am no where near done! There is so much more to accomplish and after rethinking my shrink, I know I have so many more goals to reach in the next few months.

*My exercise needs to be “beefed” up

*My diet needs better control

*Couch to 5K program needs to start

My sleep with a newborn and work schedule will start syncing hopefully, leaving me more time and energy to accomplish the above. HOPEFULLY.

I have had so much, as always, visting and reading all the journey’s that are taking place here at shrinking jeans. It’s amazing and uplifting. Everyone needs to give themselves a pat on the back for a job well done!


I started this challenge at 208#

Today I weighed in at 202#


I’ll take it and hope that in the next challenge I will make it to at least 195#! Here is to hoping.