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I don’t know about you, but every time the Olympics roll around, I get this huge swell of emotion and inspiration – watching all the absolutely amazing, determined athletes push themselves to the limit to acheive a dream. Seeing what the human body is capable 0f – witnessing the tears, sometimes of joy, sometimes of disappointment. Not to mention I’m a total sucker for all the human interest stories that go along with the Olympics. Oy! Get out the tissues!

So, if you’re familiar with us lunatics over here at the Sisterhood, you know darn well we can’t let a momentus occasion the likes of the Winter Olympics pass by without tying in a challenge.

Oh no. In fact, I’m pretty sure Melissa was all up in the Olympics biz-ness BEFORE the New Year.

I bet you’re all like – what-ever, you crazy people. Like I’m going to do a challenge that includes jumping moguls or a triple salchow (TOE PICK!) or target shooting in the snow or racing Apolo Ohno.

Simmer down now. No, we’re making this challenge something that is, YES, challenging, but do-able. You may need to push yourself a little. But I don’t forsee any ice skate blade injuries or luge crashes as part of this challenge.

What are we doing? Well, here’s a run down. Buckle up, buttercups!

  • The Shrinking Jeans Olympics last for ten days. Starting today.
  • Each day, there are at least two ‘events’ listed over at The ‘hood (you haven’t joined? Go on then…I’m waiting…)
  • There is a place to RSVP on each event page – upper right of the page – go peruse the events and start signing up!
  • You can do as many or as few events as you so choose. (I say do more! Push yourself!)
  • Every day, once you’ve completed your event(s), report back to each event in The ‘hood and leave your results in the comments. Make sure you do your events and post your results by 11:59 pm PST. Okay, midnight. Whatever.
  • Finally, do you think we’d rip off the Olympics without having an award ceremony? Of course not! The awards ceremony will take place on Tuesday, February 23 on Twitter at 8 pm CST (follow us on Twitter @shrinkingjeans). Winners will also be announced in a post on Wednesday, February 24. We will have (virtual) medals, and I assure you, they rock.

What are you waiting for? Go sign up for some – or all – of the events!

As always, the more the merrier. We welcome everybody – whether you’re trying to lose weight, get fit, or simply maintain. We’ve got your back!

Now, I am passing the Sisterhood Olympic torch on to you. Grab a button. Post on your blog. Tweet it up. Keep the torch going! I want to see the Shrinking Jeans Olympics talked about all over the country – heck – the world (you hear me, Karena over in Belgium?).

So, off you go! I’ll see YOU at the podium!

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