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Welcome to the Sisterhood Spring Fling Challenge! For the next 8 weeks, this challenge is going to be all about unearthing our inner winners. Not only do we want to see you Shrink, but we want to see you Fling yourself into fitness! Through Teams, Monday Projects, and Fitness Challenges, there will be plenty of opportunities for your inner winner to shine through. Even though deep down we are all winners, in this challenge only ONE team is going to come out on top.

Lisa worked hard this week getting our team assignments put together! Click here to check out the teams.

(If you are not currently listed on a team and want to be, please email Lisa ([email protected]) now. If you don’t want to be on a team, that’s perfectly fine, too.)

First things first. Weigh in! Right now. Grab a challenge button, blog all about it, and leave your permalink in the comments section. If you don’t blog, just leave a comment with your starting weight.


If you are on a team, you’ll need to hook up with your team mates! Calculate your starting weight as a team, come up with a team name, and set up a group in the ‘hood. Get creative with it. This will be your team’s hang out. Where you meet up to discuss how the challenge is going, to commiserate, celebrate, check-up, and check-in.

Now here’s the important thing: By Friday, one person from your team will need to email Christy ([email protected]) with your team name and starting weight. Then each Wednesday during the challenge, you will need to report your teams cumulative weight loss to Christy by 9 p.m. Central time. That’s right, we only want 1 number and that number is the total pounds lost by your team.

Just because this is a team challenge doesn’t mean we don’t want you blog about your weekly weigh ins. We encourage all of our members to blog about their losses (or gains) on their personal blogs, and share their individual results and links with us. Afterall, that’s how we support each other.


If you do not want to be on a team, you are still more than welcome to join this challenge. We do encourage you to join a team though, because HELLO, it’s so much fun, and what better way to stay on track than being responsible to a team! No one bites, we promise.

So go forth and start Shrinking! Have a fantastic day, and be sure to give some support to your fellow Shrinking Sisters (and Brothers)!

p.s. We’re already gearing up for our first Fitness Challenge. Check it out and win!

**If you’re new to the Sisterhood, we host weight loss challenges that last 6 to 8 weeks and encourage everyone to join in. The purpose of our challenges is not just losing weight, but to have a good time and get great support while doing it. You can read more about our current challenge here.**

Questions or comments? Email [email protected]

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