Rethink Your Shrink Finale – The Shrinking Jeans of Christy


February 10, 2010 By Christy

Yeah, it’s last week of Rethink Your Shrink, and I know lots of you are confused because HELLO, we said the challenge was ending on the 17th NOT the 10th. Well, it’s my fault for putting the end date wrong on the calendar, and then we got so wrapped up in the Olympic planning committee that we didn’t even think to look at the dates. Yada yada yada. Yup. Blame it on me! Sooooo, with that being said, the challenge is over, and we have some amazing things coming up later this week, so don’t fret, we’re going to keep shrinking!!!

Last week I had a gain and made the decision to just blow it off and keep on moving. Well, I kept on moving, to the tune of about 9 miles for my 1/2 Marathon Training. This week I’m proud to announce that I lost *most* of the weight I gained last week

Challenge start weight: 141.2 Last week: 139.4

Challenge end: 138.2

TOTAL LOSS: 3 pounds

I will totally take those 3 pounds, too. FOR REAL!

I’ll talk more about my journey on Friday, when I link up my Monday Project, so be sure to check back in!