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Last week: 206

this week: 204.5



Maybe I am shrinking after all (and I like it)!!

This week I think getting back into a routine with work and home has helped. Although extremely busy and chaotic, it’s getting better. I pack my lunch the night before, take a gallon of water to work everyday and I hit the ground running. It’s been a week of salads, portion control and water. Okay maybe a cookie (or 2) as well.

Have I told you how much water I am drinking? LOTS

A gallon while at work. (more at home) It has been a personal challenge everyday while at work to do it. When I refill my bottle I can visually see how I am doing versus relying on just filling up my water bottle. It’s working for me, so I’ll keep it up.

At least I’m getting breaks,lot and lots of  bathroom breaks.

So for this next week I hope I can continue my routines, portions and get a bit more active at night. Sounds do-able, right? Only if the baby continues to sleep at night!

How was your week???? What are you most proud of this week? I’m not talking weight loss, but more personal goals that you are making?


Commitment to not eating out while at work.