Spring Fling! Weigh in Numero Uno – The Shrinking Jeans of Heather


February 24, 2010 by heather

Spring has sprung, or at least that’s what we’ve decided at the Sisterhood. Forget Puxatawney Phil. We make the rules.

Even though as I look outside, the rain has returned, and it’s gray and dreary…I have Spring in my heart! Take that Seasonal Affective Disorder!

Today, is a great day to start a new challenge. I need a kick in the pants. And a little competition. I am a part of Team C (official name pending). And we’re ready to BRING IT. Consider it brung. Broughten? Brought. Whatever.

This morning I weighed in with an astonishing 3.1 pound loss from last Wednesday. Of course, it doesn’t count towards the challenge, but wheeee! I’m back in the normal BMI range. Now, I’m just shooting for my goal weight. And…and…and… I’m a mere .8 pounds from earning my 20 pound Sisterhood badge!  It’s taken nearly a year, but it’s been an amazing year for me as far as self discovery and working on my fitness! For reals!

So, clearly I’m overcaffeinated and ready and raring to go.

I start this challenge at 163.8.

My goals:

1) Continue with my 1/2 marathon training – consistency is key.

2) Focus on eating as little processed food as possible.

3) No fast food.

4) Complete the 30 Day Shred Challenge.

5) Weight loss goal for this challenge? 8.8 pounds. I want to hit 155. Ultimately, I’d like to be down to 150 by San Diego Rock n Roll 1/2 Marathon on June 6. The less weight to run around with, the better! So, I think being at 155 in eight weeks should set me right on track.

My incentive? If I reach my goal weight, I’m going to invest in a fabulous Jillian Michaels-esque ensemble…skinny jeans, knee high boots – to rock when we take on San Diego AFTER the race!

So, Spring Fling, your ass is mine! Team C, let’s rock this joint!