Thursday Three – The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


This post is inspired by the oodles of time I have been spending at the gym this week, but it may or may not be based on my actual experiences. No feelings were hurt in this process.

Things I would rather you not do at the gym:

1.  Could you please refrain from heading to the gym in full make-up with your hair curled at 9 am? I mean, really. Who does that? And why, WHY do you not sweat? Could you please just wash your face, throw your hair in a ponytail, and go au naturale like the rest of us? I will give you bonus points if you wear something other than your cute little pink running skirt.

2. YOU. Yes, you. When you dismount your cardio machine, do you see those dispensers full of sanitary wipes? Those are meant to be used. Grab one or two. Return to your machine. Wipe down all surfaces that you have touched and/or where your sweat has fallen. Throw wipes in the garbage can under dispenser. Yay! Was that so bad? The person using the machine after you will be oh-so-grateful when their hands to not STICK it.

3. Capris + Crew Socks = So Not Hot. Please choose one or the other, do not mix. If you are worried about your legs getting cold, wear workout PANTS. If you are worried about being to warm, try wearing low socks. Now, those are tips straight out of Vogue.


The Girl in the ratty tee, no makeup, who forgot to shave her legs.

What are YOUR gym pet peeves?

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