Christie O » Blog Archive » True Confessions Tuesday: Points? What points?


I should just end it there with the title of this post!

It was my 5th anniversary on Friday. We went to dinner at Charley’s Steak House and I ask you, how does one count points on a filet mignon stuffed with bleu cheese, lots of wine, mashed potatoes, crab cakes, lots of wine, and a giant piece of chocolate cake the size of my head? Which, by the way, we shared. For three days. That cake lasted the two of us three days.

The good and bad thing about my husband is that we know how to dine out. Oh yes. The appetizers. The drinks. The desserts. The dessert coffees. We do it up. The good-er part of this is that we don’t do this often. We do it once, maybe twice a year. Otherwise we’d be broke.  It’s why I gained 10 pounds the first 6 months of our marriage.

But like I said, this is not the norm for me and the new “us”, the ones who work out all the time. And I screwed up my points for the whole entire week. But we had a rockin’ weekend sans kids and well, we did burn a lot of calories. ;p

If that counts.