Weigh In #5 – The Shrinking Jeans of Heather


February 3, 2010 by heather

I can’t say I’m thrilled with my results this week – I’m up .9. Which baffles me, to be quite honest. I know if I ruminate too long on my gain, I’m going to get irritated.  So all I’m going to say is, I worked out (HARD), I ate right, and I gained.  Lame.

Okay, done with that. I need to move on.

Team Shrinking Jean’s Virtual Team in Training program started this week. So far, so good. I spoke with Coach Joe and I decided I will scale back my weekly long distance runs so I can concentrate on speed.  Honestly, the thought of running shorter distances kind of freaks me out, because I’m worried it will have an effect on how much weight I lose.  But then again, if this last week is any indicator, maybe I have been over training

I have to warn you, I’m going to get SUPER obnoxious with the fund raising. I think my Facebook friends are ready to unfriend me. For reals.

But, if you’re so inclined, I am doing a giveaway over on my personal blog – any donation made in the month of February will be entered into a drawing  for either an Amazon gift card or a coffee gift pack designed by yours truly. So…um…go here if you want to check it out!

That’s me for this week. I’m going to keep my chin up and even though the scale doesn’t reflect it, I have worked hard, and for that I can be proud.