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This week’s Monday Project is to answer this question:  Where would you be now if you had waited two years to start this journey?

To be honest, I read this and then I filed it away under “I don’t even want to think about where I would be in two years if I hadn’t started this journey” because um, hello, that didn’t happen. 

But, that Christie O., she’s a smart cookie and she makes us face the tough questions and I decided that I needed to participate in this Monday Project, to remind myself of why I am doing this, to dig deep, instead of living on the surface and getting so caught up in daily life struggles, to pull back and look at the big picture.

I am already crying.  Damn, I am emotional all the effing time, it seems.

The simple answer is this.

  • I would be 20+ lbs heavier than I am now.
  • I would be incredibly unhappy and depressed about the way I looked.
  • I would not want any pictures taken of my fat face.  Specifically no pictures with my kids because all I would see would be everything that is wrong with me instead of the beauty of their faces and their love.
  • I would be pigging out and food-medicating my stress.
  • I would have been probably had a nervous breakdown by now.  Seriously.  If not that, then I am positive that I would have been on my way to a serious, “I need a doctor’s help” depression.
  • I would still be thinking that I HATE RUNNING and that there is NO WAY in the world that I would voluntarily choose to run long distances.  I would never enter a 5K nor a 1/2 marathon nor even consider running a full marathon.  I would still be thinking that triathlons are only for super-athletes and that I am not one of them.
  • I would not have learned all the tips and tricks of cooking in a healthier fashion.
  • I would  not be the “mother” that I want to be for my children, the example they need and want to model.
  • I would not have found the Sisterhood.

But you know what,  I did start this journey.  January 2009 to be exact.  Because my BFF in the whole wide world is Christy and she encouraged and motivated me to get on board with the Sisterhood. 

Losing weight has been hard work but so very worth it.  Even better have been the friendships I have formed.  Even better has been the fact that I have walked outside of my fitness comfort zone and have learned so many things about myself.  Even better has been the confidence and the “I can do ANYTHING” attitude that has developed. 

5K- bring it on.

1/2 marathon- bring it on.

Triathlon- bring it on.

Full marathon- maybe bring it on, ha ha.  

Take pictures with the kids- yes.

Role model for my family- yes.

And on and on and on.

I am so glad I did not wait.