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Last Tuesday’s run was fast for me- I hauled ass and kept on going!

Last Thursday’s run was the tempo run and it still remains hard for me.  This was the second time I did my tempo run outside and I find it is more difficult to push myself to run faster when I don’t have the treadmill to rely on.  Towards the end of my tempo run, I felt like I could have kept on going.  Weird thing is- I think the tempo runs ARE making me faster overall.  Amazing how this consistent training stuff works, isn’t it?

Saturday was my long run of 5 miles.  It took me until Mile 3 to feel completely warmed up and finally hitting my stride.  I hit an endorphin high around mile 3.25 and that carried me all the way to the end.  My last mile was at a 10:30 min pace, which is very fast for me and not my normal.  I am still using the run/walk method and loving every minute of it!

  • Miles run since I started running on 10/03/09: 167
  • Miles this week: 11.69
  • Miles since I started training on 01/31/10: 54.27
  • Miles to go until San Diego: 217.5
  • Fundraising the required minimum amount for LLS has been on my mind a lot lately.  I am bound and determined to think outside of the box, to raise the amount I need to for LLS, and to participate in the San Diego 1/2 Marathon with my team.  It will happen.

    Oh yes, it will happen.