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I was on the stationary bike this morning, doing a 30 minute cardio sprint. Most times, I let my mind go free, not thinking about anything. Today, however, I thought about how far I have come on my fitness journey and in such a short period of time.

In 2010 alone, I am doing a half marathon in June, a women’s sprint triathlon in the Fall, another half marathon in November and I am contemplating a FULL marathon in my hometown of Austin, TX next Feb 2011. I cannot believe it.

Then I thought about the life changes that are happening right this very second to our family and I was reminded of how little I have control over that situation and it sucks so very bad and is so very stressful, but exercise and fitness, I have control over that.

Then, I promptly burst into tears. Because I have come so far and I do have control and I can make my legs go faster and exercise lets me escape from every day troubles for a short while and I feel good about myself and the appearance that looks back at me in the mirror.

What is it with me and exercising and crying? Goodness.

So yeah, I did have a loss this week and it wasn’t a very big loss but it was a loss nonetheless.

I may not have control over external situations that affect me and my family, BUT I do have control over me- my health, my fitness. So the small 0.8 lbs I lost this week- I am proud of that and I will own that loss as my very own.

Last week: 167.4 lbs This week: 166.8 lbs Loss this week: 0.8 lbs

Total loss for the challenge: 2.4 lbs